Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a Brand New Day

Today is a brand new day. We stayed up all night to watch the inauguration. We soaked in the beautiful music played by classical music greats. We chuckled over the stumble over the oath. I teared up over the inaugural speech. We all watched history in the making today. I am so proud.

"America. In the face of our common dangers, in this winter of our hardship, let us remember these timeless words. With hope and virtue, let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come. Let it be said by our children's children that when we were tested we refused to let this journey end, that we did not turn back nor did we falter; and with eyes fixed on the horizon and God's grace upon us, we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations." -President Barack Obama

Today we celebrate our nation and the new page it has turned! Tomorrow, we get to work.

Bye Bye Bush!

Do you see that? My "Bush's Last Day" counter is counting down the last few hours before the inauguration ceremony! I can't believe this day has come. Please let this be a peaceful day!

I could write a long post about what I've thought of the last 8 years, but I don't have it in me anymore. There is too much work to do, both for our world, our nation, and my house. ;-) So instead, I'm just going to post a link to a game that really made me laugh today! Goodbye Mr. Bush If you're feeling a little bummed that you can't go throw shoes at the White House in solidarity with others that have thrown them at the man himself, go have a play of the game! It's cathartic.

I'm staying up all night since it's the only way to catch the inauguration live...this should be fun. :-P

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Hate Auction Sites.

Seriously, I do.

I'm selling a pile of our shit on the Kiwi version of Ebay to pare down the crapload of things we have to mail to the US and let me tell you, it sucks. By the time I've ironed, photographed, measured, and written up the description and price requirements and submitted them to be posted, a sizable bite out of an hour is gone. Multiply that by the whole stack of clothing and the time in my day is going by much faster than I'd hoped and they are still not all listed!! Who knew it took so long to post a shirt on one of those bloody sites!?!

Kudos to the people who actually make a living doing this stuff! I'll be so glad when it's all sold and mailed off to the new owners. They'd all better sell damn it.

Especially because I've probably spent more buying stuff off that site recently than I will make selling the clothes! *snort* But it was worth it, I had to have a travel case for the laptop so I was hunting a purse/laptop case combo to make the whole airport juggle a bit easier. I found it! It's red leather, very sexy.

So...anyone wanna come pack up my flat? Hmmm? I'll feed you well (with take-outs). It's warm and sunny here! There's a beach not even 5 minutes away! What's that? The plane ticket is too expensive? *sighs* If only we'd win lotto...

Less than 4 weeks to go! I'd bite my nails but there isn't much left to bite at this point...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

That old melancholy feeling.

Tonight we booked one-way tickets to the US. In 5 weeks we'll be saying goodbye to New Zealand and starting anew somewhere in the States.

I know I should be ecstatic about it, but I'm not. All I feel is this deep sense of melancholy. We've been planning to leave NZ since before I even moved here, but now the plans are so permanent and I find myself asking "Why are we moving?". I know all the logical reasons why, I just can't seem to give a shit about them anymore. Who leaves a place that makes them happy for the unknown that could bring them misery? Apparently we do. What the fuck is up with that?

Okay, I'll admit it...I'm scared. Not just a little, I mean I am completely overwhelmed by this huge fear that is sitting squarely on my chest. I think it's having a lovely chat with the neurotic panic and paranoia currently circling 'round in my mind. The two of them are having quite the party with my sanity (what little I have).

I suppose the fact that I've been sick since New Year's with some "tummy bug" (as named by the urgent care doc I saw) that seems more like a tummy gila monster is not really helping the matter any. I haven't been able to take most of my medication so I'm feeling really grand at the moment if you catch my drift.

I have an ENTIRE FLAT FULL OF SHIT to sort, sell off, or pack and ship, but instead of doing that I'm sitting here with this "deer caught in the headlights" dazed look on my face, in between the bouts of hysterical tears.

I've been trying to find my happy place, but I think it's on vacation indefinitely. Probably sunning itself on the same tropical beach as my sanity. Bastards.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

R.I.P. Eartha Kitt

Hard to believe the video clip below is from just two years ago. Eartha Kitt certainly maintained that sultry seductiveness through the years! Her passing on Christmas Day left me at a loss for words.

No one will ever sing "Santa Baby" quite as well as she did...

Friday, December 5, 2008

How do you grow?

There's a bougainvillea growing in my backyard. As spring has revived it the new growth has become so prolific that I can barely get our door open! Carefully weaving our way through the thorn-studded new branches has become something of an obstacle course. ;-P This is our third (and final) spring/summer in this flat and although it grows rapidly and gets pruned back several times a year, I've never seen it quite so determined to grow up the side of the house. It even sent shoots right up through the gutter and now part of our roof is in full bloom!

While contemplating how to tame the beast so the property owner doesn't send someone to rip it out of the yard (she's already threatened to once because she doesn't want to pay someone to prune it twice a year, plant hating bitch) I found my mind wandering back to a conversation I had with a good friend the other day. We were talking about growth and how the places we live and the friends we keep influence our progress (or lack thereof) to a point. Both of us have left behind family and more familiar places for experiences in a world far different from the one we first met in. While thinking of mutual friends still back in that area we wondered, did we change because we left? or did we leave because we needed the change and knew we wouldn't find it if we stayed there?

We've all heard the saying "You've gotta bloom where you're planted!" and for most of my life I have tried to take that sentiment to heart and grow even when I feel like I'm stuck in a place not nurturing me in the way I need. But I think perhaps that phrase is not always accurate. Granted, at times we do need to strive to bloom where we find ourselves, however I can think of instances when I needed more than just encouragement to keep my chin up--I needed to be transplanted to a whole new garden!

So how do we know when to bloom where we're planted versus hoping for a transplant? What about people we know who are stagnant in the environment they find themselves in? When do they (and we) realise you've "...gotta go where you can grow!" as my friend said?

The answer I think comes when we remember that each one of us is a different plant.

Some of us are like hybrid tea roses that need delicately balanced environments in order to flourish or else we suffer from stunted growth and rarely bloom, failing to reach our full potential because we never had the nourishment we needed to do so.

Others are potted plants that live comfortably within the confines of their pot, slowly growing as they go indoors and outdoors, according to the seasons and what suits them best. They may not have the most spectacular growth, but they keep at a steady pace and generally mind their own business, soaking up food and water as they're given and every once in a while they get an upgrade to a bigger pot!

Me? I'm the crazy bougainvillea climbing the side of our flat, bright fuchsia flowers spilling all over the place! Planted in a less than ideal spot I tend to send out feeler shoots that weave their way near and far, looking for solid support. Once I find some I grab on and end up places I'd never dreamed, drinking in sunlight to spur on my growth. At times I get cut back for whatever reason and feel discouraged, but once I've had time to regroup I start all over again (often times stubbornly doing the same thing as before *snort*). Not one to stay in one place, I seem to maintain quite a broad existence as I constantly seek out the things I need to continue to grow--even if it means taking on the roof!

So how do you grow?

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's the end...

....of November as we know it, and I feel fine! *giggling*

I've made it through NaBloPoMo November!! Thank you for reading all my ramblings for the past 2 months! I won't be doing the December one because I won't be in town for a bit around my anniversary and after that we'll be dealing with gearing up for our move! *gasp* We're not going to think that far ahead though or I might go crazy.

On the other hand, NaNoWriMo didn't go so well. BUT my final word count is 12,894, which is more than I had at the beginning of the month!! So I'm counting it a success anyway, even though it's not the 50,000. It's alright, I'll keep working on it though!

I can't believe it's December already! Where the fuck does the time go? I will try keeping my blog up because I think it'll be therapeutic when I'm not trying to get posts in under a deadline.

So cheers everybody and pat yourselves on the back if you even attempted NaBloPoMo or NaNoWriMo! It's the journey not the destination, right? ;-P